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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to Conference on Prophetic Heritage (SWAN 2010)

" السنة مصدر المعرفة وأساس الوحدة "

Nabi mewariskan ilmu kenabian dan kerja kenabian pada umatnya, maka melalui kerja kenabianlah adanya agama dan ilmu agama,dan jangan tinggalkan kerja kenabian kelak ilmu dan agama akan hilang dari umat ini....

Sub Topics

Based on the themes of the conference Sunnah: Source of Information, Essence of Integration:

1.Integration of science and information management. 

2.Application of technology in the evolution of the Prophetic(SAW) tradition. 

3.The reality of the nation's unity (UMMAH) and challenges. 

4.Integration and unity for the growth of the nation. 

5.The role of international organizations and non-governmental institutions in the renaissance and the achievement of integration and unity of the nation. 

6.Moderation in the economic, social and political order to achieve integration and unity. 

7.Multi-ethnic society. 

8.Youth and unity. 

9.Promote the dissemination of education, culture and science among the society. 

10.Steps to make progress to reach the goals.
11.‘1Malaysia’ Concept.

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