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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Information About Islam

Topic : F.A.Q Introduction To Islam
( Find Answers Yours Questions)

"The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended."

Al-Bukhari, 1:1

1. Who is Allah?

 Allah means God. It is a personal name, which Allah calls himself in the Koran. That is where we get it.It Also be found in an Aramaic copy of the bible, add even Christian Arabs say Allah.

2. Who is Jesus tu us?

 Jesus peace be upon Him is a true prophet. Sent by Allah like Moses, Abraham, lot, Noah, Jonah, etc.

 Jesus is the son of Virgin Mary, and he had no Father. Allah created Jesus

3. Is Allah the same as what Christians call the father?

Allah is the creator who Jesus worshipped. He is the Creator who spoke to moses, and spilit the sea for Moses, and his followers. That is Allah. But Allah tell us :” Say Allah is one, He is perfect, He has never begotten, nor was He Bgott, and there is no one equal to him”.

4. Do we believe that Allah created the heavens and earth in 6 days?

Yes, but He did not rest on the seventh day, because He did not get tired. Allah is Perfect, He does not get tired, nor does He sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, feel pain, or die for that matter.

5. Can we see Allah?

Allah is not like the sun. Anyone can see the sun. But Allah is the most beautiful. Nothing is as beautiful as Allah. Actually looking at Allah is greatest pleasure of the people in paradise. This pleasure Allah does not give anyone but the believers. So no one will see Allah before he dies.

6. Does Allah see us?

Allah see us and know everything about us. He knows us better than we know our selves. There is not a leaf on a tree that blows away, or stays in its place except that He knows it. There is not a dry spot, nor a wet spot, nor a grain in the depths of the earth except that Allah knows it.

7. Do we have free will?

Yes, Of course. Allah does not punish us for something we did not do on our own. But at the same time, our will is not inspire of Allah’s Will . We cannot do anything if Allah will not allow it. In Other Words nothing goes on in Allah’s kingdom without His will.

8. Did Allah created Evil?

Yes, Allah created the good, and the bad. Whatever bad happens to us is due to our sins. We sins and Allah pardons much of what we do; however, when something bad happens to us it is our fault, and we are to blame. Bad things that happen to a person are a chance for that person to reflect, and ask: Why is this happening..

9. Do bad things happen to the believers (good people)?

Yes, they do . But they appear bad to the believers cause they are things people don’t like. Who likes breaking a leg ? However, when a bad things happens to a believer this believer is patient. He knows Allah does not decree something unless it is for his own good.

10. But How can breaking a leg are good for believer?

Because it is a chance for the believer to think about what he did wrong. Also because Allah forgives much of what we do, but those thing we are not forgiven, they are forgiven due to our patience when we are struck by a calamity. Allah gives us better reward when a problem strikes us on earth if we are.

11. What can I ask of Allah?

Anything, but don’t ask Him to do things like make you a prophet. Because He has already said that there will be no more prophets.

You can ask Allah guidance. Meaning you can ask Him to show you the correct religion..

12. What about Peace?

"Peace" is the most common word on a Muslim's tongue. Whenever two
people meet, they exchange greetings, wishing each other peace: "Peace be upon you." But peace cannot prevail except through justice. Since the
concept of justice may differ from one man to another, or from one society to another, Muslims believe that real justice is that which is specified by Allah (God).

Islam permits fighting in self-defense, in defense of the religion, or by
those who have been expelled forcibly from their homes. At the same time, Islam requires one to treat one's enemy mercifully. It lays down strict rules of combat which include prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops, trees, and livestock. Islam also requires that if an enemy declares his desire to end hostilities and seek peace, the Muslims must do the same.

Mohamad Zaid Bin Mohd Zin 
Islamic Studies
29 Jun 2009

ps/ Presented for Uitm interview


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